Hello everybody

Finally, after weeks of waiting, some fresh news from Byron!

Julia has been back for some days now – and for celebration purposes, we had a nice, massive, fresh and sweet cocktailparty. I have uploaded loads of pictures in the galleries, check some out to see what cocktails do to your brain, and to see our nice cocktail dresses!

Besides celebrating Julia’s return and handing in the last assignments, the summer is coming back again. I went swimming once (ok – at least for a minute), we saw dolphins, and you can start to wear FlipFlops again.

Yippie – I’ve started to hate regular shoes.

Anyway, on the 24th of September, our final, big research projects are due. That means, 12.000 words of academic blabla have to be handed in and the stress of the last weeks (or even months) will be over! If you haven’t participated yet, go to my new website and participate in the nice survey.

That’s all for now. Seems that nobody visits this page anyway! Leave comments, write letters!

And sorry to all of you whose emails have yet been unanswered….. as I said: Working all day, and during breaks, we are at the beach…