Just to let you know…

…what happened that night (at Matt’s concert): somebody sent me a pic. You can have a look at it at the bottom of this page. uuhmmmm, strangely enough: I wasn’t drunk though. But anyway, looks like we had a bit of fun. However, just in case you haven’t had a look at the last article, there are two videos in there, and they are worth watching!

Ilka arrived yesterday, and we have already uploaded some pictures (eg this)- in the „Byron Bay“ gallery.

Now – back to work! We got our research proposals back today (our „plans“ how to write our Bachelor research projects), and i did pretty well actually. I got 5 points out of 20, with zero points being the top mark.

See you later

PS: Here we go:

…and for all the interested germans out there: Haigeschichte

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