About Palmtrees, Dolphins etc.

Hi out there,

i’ve just decided to start writing articles in english, on the one hand for all our beloved australian / english / polish / swedish / …. friends and on the other hand just because I live here and it is already annoying me to speak german all day (all the multimedia students are german actually) without experiencing any improvements in my english abilities.

But, the reason for writing is a different one!

I bought my first (and only for the next weeks) surfboard last week, and therefore should be called „hot brown surfer-guy“ from now on! I must admit that it is more difficult than I expected it to be, but i manage it quite well i think…. There will be some pictures “in action” in that surfing Australia gallery very soon, i just have to get these fancy little underwater cams, availabe for 20 bucks at our local Woolies.

However, today was the big day. Not only the swell was perfect for me (ok, waves too big and i shitted my pants), but all of the sudden, I found myself in the middle of a swarm of dolphins, only half a metre away, squealing and jumping around in the dusk. Yet another time, I realized that I am currently living in paradise. Tinka was so nice to send me two videos she made from that time and that day.

The movies can be found here (Nr 1) and here (Patrick is happy!). The Codec is Xvid and can be found here.

Tonight we are going to see Matt playing in “The great Northern Hotel”, with his band “Very”.

Some demotracks can be found here. It is quite funky i think, but check them out, I was told he didn’t have his “normal” band with him that night, so it should be even better today.

Anyway, lots of love and see you soon (hmm)


(Update: Matt Seaberg can be found at Myspace, at www.myspace.com/mattseabergmusic)