Last week – plus my room

Last week was quite packed – it started with meetings with my marketing group lasting up to 12 hours (twelve), because we had our presentation on wednesday so we wanted to practice quite often:
We developed a (haha – this was exactly our task:) solid marketing strategy carefully tailored to the needs [….] blablabla….

Anyway, we chose the brand eins as our theoretical client, and I think it went really well actually – now we are waiting for the grades (we’ll probably be waiting for another six weeks or so).

On wednesday – after having held the presentation – we rewarded ourselves with the nice Thai Lucy restaurant and some wine. After dinner, we went to Ulli’s place to watch some movies (apparently they were having a party, but it ended up as some police academy action).

However, I found myself totally drunk talking to Ulli until 5 o’clock and slept almost the whole next day. Niiice. The sunset woke me up at 4 pm.

Can’t remember what I did on Thursday.

On friday all the other groups who hadn’t held their presentation showed what they had done, and afterwards there was – apparently – another big party at Eddie’s place, but at the time I went there (10 pm) I was the only guy around.

Pretty boring, especially without any alcohol (I still had enough from wednesday), so I went home at about one, although Mark and Tinka showed up some time after me and it turned out to be quite nice, but I needed my bed again I guess.

However, I’ve just come back from the Pighouse Flicks Cinema where I watched „Lost in Translation“ with Mark and Carlo.
I liked it very much! Great movie, great actors, crap japanese culture, or as Mark said „I got homesick while watching“. Hehe.

Tomorrow morning we plan to watch the sunset (at 6’o’clock […]), and I try
to catch some of this kind of pics (this actually shows my room)….
See you later,

You can find a better, bigger quicktime movie here. If you cannot see anything, you need to install Quicktime. Visit Apple for more infos.

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