Python Dub

Yesterday was a pretty exciting adventure day!
The diving was some proper action already, but – just as that had not been enough – I arrived home after my programming workshop to find Carlo and Jens hanging around in our garden, being totally excited…. We had a nice 2.5 meters Python in our trees!

Pretty beautiful, but quite scary as well….. to impress you all a bit, i attached a little clip (see below) and put some pictures in the „TIERE“ gallery.

Later in the night, I went to the „Great Northern“ to see New Zealands top act „Salmonella Dub“ and the nice and irie „Cornerstone Roots“ band. Patrick and Tinka asked me to join them, so I did – it was really worth it (17 bucks), but – as always in small clubs – far too loud.

That’s all for now, see you later

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