Diving the bay

I have just been snorkeling and quickly want to tell the world that I survived!

I went to the main beach to meet Matt, Kate and Jake and another american guy and – off we went…

Amazing things happen underwater, I met thousands of different fish as well as massive sharks (scary but they were being lazy and hanging around on the ground), big turtles and a stingray.

Matt and the american guy told me about some strange named shark (obviously I forgot the name), orange brownish with interesting patterns. I didn’t see it as I lost the rest of the group earlier and went out. Boring Lasse, but swimming around for 40 minutes is rather exhausting, especially if you haven’t done any sports for weeks!

However, I took my underwater cam with me and now I am waiting for the pictures which I’ll upload in a week or so. I guess they will be quite dark anyway but may be enough to let you know how it looks down here.

See you later

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