Eurovision Song Contest


I hope everybody enjoyed the show…. I think it was crap (big time), but I liked the Ukraine and – of course – Max the Man. But it couldn’t get much funnier than those little Guys from Austria, could it? Just to remind you who it was, I’ve found this nice little pic on the net: „Tie Break“

I am still wondering how they managed to enter the contest (= they must have been chosen from the austrian people!)…. however, I am currently listening to „Athena“, the band which invented „turkish ska“ and came up with the nice „Turkish Delight“ shirt….. and I must say, it is a nice album („Athena – Holigan“), although I cannot understand a single (turkish) word….. Almost forgot: I think Stefan Raab in his role as the german guitar player(in the background behind Max loosing his voice) was pretty cool as well.

However, I keep on working. See you later

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