…addicted to The Cat Empire

Aloha, i must admit: i am totally addicted. cannot stop listening to „The Cat Empire“, they are definitely in the book of crazy musicians, and I recommend just buying their albums…. nooo, I don’t get anything out of it.

Being honest, it is just great music and worth a try for y’all. puh. had to be said. And by the way, their web page is quite fancy as well!

Nothing else to say – yesterday was one of the hardest days, I got up at around eight, worked in the morning till half past 12, went to school till 4, went back home, returned to school at 4.45 and came home at around midnight after workshops and a meeting with my marketing-teammates Patrick and Fabian…. it is not much better today, but at least I just found some time to tell you guys. by the way, do you all enjoy the webcam? I finally figured out how to adjust it to the bright sunlight outside (hey, just took me 9 months!)… the foggy feature is our mosquito net….

so – have to start working again,
see you soon


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